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CassiusLife 4:44 FINANCE TIPS

Like 4:44, but don't know how to execute the financial bars from Jay Z? Check out my interview with Cassius on how to buy homes for cheap, invest in Marijuana, or buy back your block. 


The Girl mob: guys of instagram

We all have them. You know, that one guy on instagram you love to follow. He's got a few things going on... and no we don't just mean his looks. He's funny, smart, enlightened... and we'd like to think that he's all these things in person too. 


The Last Call Podcast

Ken, Fab & Dave chop it up over our featured beverage choice of the week. Just three friends taking their group chat debates into a studio and recording them for the world. Sports sprinkled with Politics, Current Events, Cultural Topics - anythings game. Subscribe, Comment & Enjoy! Contact Us: Ken: @kenplush Nick: @nickcreegan Dave: @earth_dave