How to Invest in a Time of Chaos: Part 2: Investing Overseas

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Disclaimer: Please use your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

So it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a delivery, but let me tell you… your boy's got access. I had to get it on my own though because Man Don't Beg.....

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Some perks that come with the price tag of law school tuition are access to government agency (FDA, FTC, FAA etc) files, court dockets, and most importantly REPORTS. During the little bit of free time that I’ve had over the semester, your boy has been sneaking and saving big agency file reports and reading through them. I most certainly did not forget that we are still building our safe and life-long portfolios and with that said we’re going to dig into part 2 of our series. Today… We’re going to get started on stacking this international paper (lol no pun).



Okay… I know y’all are looking at me like I’m crazy…. “Yo CJB, bitcoin lit, cryptos off the chain right now and you talkin’ to me about investing in China, India, and Europe?” Yes… I am. First of all, the OG’s over at Wu Tang Financial taught us the age old secret….

Why should you have all of your money in US stocks, or crypto markets? If the US economy doesn't perform well, you should still be out here with a portfolio in the green, if the crypto markets get their teeth punched in, you should still be able to rest easy because you’re gettin’ green someplace else. This is what we do here at #RaisingBenjamin, TOP DOWN IN THE WINTER THAT’S WHAT WINNERS DO. So let’s get to the down and dirty….

Picture you pullin' up to a spot across the world... Not for pleasure, but for business... Just to see how your investments holding up... YEP THIS IS YOU.... (stop playing this video after 1:10)

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the global gdp (gross domestic product) is estimated to grow 3.6% in 2017 and another 3.7% in 2018. Although this may look like nothing, this is huge because the world gdp hasn’t grown over 3% since 2011. For the folks who don’t know what the hell a gross domestic product is…. it’s simply the market value of all the products bought and sold and services rendered of a country in one period of time. So every time you sell your car, buy a bag, file someones taxes, or buy cereal, you are contributing to your country’s total gross domestic product (gdp). For the world outlook to be so high in 2018 is amazing, but what’s even better is if you can make some $$$$ while the world is growing as well so let’s dig into some things I’ve peeped through the report.


People within emerging market countries are using more credit, China in particular. Companies in China are finally figuring out efficient ways to assign credit scores to their citizens and with that comes access to more credit. Here’s a quick article at some possible ways they want to attack the issue.

What do people usually do with credit? Buy stuff. With this knowledge what are we going to do? Invest in things that people in China want to buy.



The most efficient way to make $$$$ on consumerism is to buy stocks in companies that have the highest amount of customers, it is also wise to get an idea on what consumer tastes are within the country so you can be extremely effective while investing your money and placing yourself in the position to get HIGH returns.

There are HELLA layers to this, but I’m going to throw a top layer investment opportunity your way so you can get started. For pro-level sh*t, you know my email… Holla at your boy.

A few good stocks I’ve seen screaming at me from this report that you can easily buy on Robinhood: 

Alibaba - $BABA - Currently trading at $176.29 per share (Christmas day 2017)


Y’all…. Alibaba is the Amazon of China. That’s all I have to say. It’s the damn largest online retailer out there and the competition is NOWHERE CLOSE. With the increase in access to credit, it is possible that the largest online retailer sees a boost in sales, especially if they expand their e-credit line business in accordance with China’s new credit policy.

YUM China Brands - YUMC - Currently Trading at $40.87 per share (Christmas day 2017)

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People in China love fast food as much as we do. Maybe even more to be honest, and a population comparison between the US and China is about 1 billion. Yeah I said it. The US has around 300 million people and China has around 1.3 billion people which means YUM Brands aka KFC China is a company I like.

Yum Brands 2.jpg

If you’re looking for more information on other opportunities in China be sure to reach out.



Since the financial crisis European Central banks have lowered interest rates to damn near 0%. It’s crazy, big banks, and large corporations in Europe have been borrowing money practically for free and because of this they’ve been able to lend money to people in Europe at lower rates as well. This has helped bring Europe back from the brink of economic hell. Greece isn’t back from the bail out yet, and too many countries have hella public debt, but in the larger European countries unemployment is falling, salaries are growing, and banks are starting to take notice. Especially the central banks. Because of this, it’s expected that they will keep rates where they are as people start getting their money up again which means higher earnings for bank stocks in Europe.

People and Europe Starting to Get PAID

People and Europe Starting to Get PAID

So Now They Feelin Themselves

So Now They Feelin Themselves

Companies to watch out for:


HSBC - $HSBC - Currently $51.66 per share (Christmas day 2017)


One of the largest banks in the UK as well as Europe. This whole Brexit joint was crazy, but HSBC has held strong since then. As the economy picks up it is one of the companies to see growth in that environment.

Unilever - $UL - Currently $55.28 per share (Christmas day 2017)


Unilever is one of the largest consumer good companies on the planet. It is almost guaranteed that you have at least five products in your home that have a relationship with Unilever, and as people in Europe start working again, seeing higher wages, it will come with spending more money on food, beverages, and household items. Unilever also plans on cutting costs across many of their subsidiaries which looks promising for their profits.

Unilever brands.jpg

Anheuser-Busch InBev - BUD - $111.56 (Christmas day 2017)


When times are good, we drink. When times are bad? We drink more. Things are no different in Europe and Anheuser-Busch being one of the largest beer companies in the world stands to make some real money off of global growth. This company owns Budweiser, Modelo, Corona, Oriental Brewery (the largest brewer in Korea), Stella Artois, Becks, Hoegaarden, Rolling Rock, Shock Top, and many more favorites.


There are also a ton of American companies who stand to make some real European money, but to respect time, and your holiday, we're going to keep this short.


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India had this crazy black market economy for a long time and their new Prime Minister Narenda Modi won the election in 2014 and CHANGED THE GAME FOREVER. Son straight came in and said “Aight bet so since y’all wanna operate in the black market in here I’m about to sign everyone up for banks and delete one denomination of your currency.” Okay… He didn’t say that, but he definitely could have. This policy he took on is called DEMONETIZATION, basically he removed one bill from the currency and made it valueless.

Imagine Trump waking up tomorrow and saying “Okay guys, $100 bills are worthless and no one will accept it as money anymore.” Yeah. That happened. At first everyone went nuts and lost their sh*t. He gave everyone like a month to turn in the money for smaller bills and if you didn’t turn it in, it was a wrap for you. He also rolled out taxes on goods and services for the first time in India’s history which will help the government there earn more money and transfer the economy from largely black market, to mostly official.

India is a difficult country to invest in but I did find a few ways y’all can get some $$$ if you decide you want to play in that arena:

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$SCIF - VanEck Vectors India Small Cap ETF - Currently $66.82 as of Christmas Day 2017

This particular ETF allows you to invest in growth companies in India. It focuses heavily on industrial companies (25% of the portfolio is in industrials) which is a large part of what India is currently going through. As the economy becomes more centralized and the government collects more money in taxes the first job at hand is to invest in the country’s infrastructure. Currently this ETF is up almost 70% for the year.

For y’all who don’t know what ETFs are take a look at part 1 of this series 

INCO - Columbia Consumer ETF - $49.66 per share (Christmas Day 2017)

This particular ETF focuses on consumer goods in India. If you want exposure to the foods people buy everyday, items necessary for day to day activity in India, this ETF is for you. This ETF also invests heavily into large companies in India so with this one you’re exposed to lower risk. It is currently up over 55% for the year.

Now for my entrepreneurs:

Shoutout to my old boss. Cause of you my social media finesse gotta be top 5 dead or alive. 

Shoutout to my old boss. Cause of you my social media finesse gotta be top 5 dead or alive. 

Y’all thought I was going to forget about my hustlas????? NO WAYYYYYYY! So for Christmas, I have…. A word:

We tend to have a limited view of our world. When we start our businesses we try to focus on the world in front of us and on our timelines. We forget how large the world is and how easily accessible all of these markets are to us. So here is a quick lesson y’all….



Facebook ad network might be the greatest ad network in the history of man. Screw an ad agency (no disrespect, but the homies wallets ain’t long yet) just make a great ad, post that bad boy on Facebook and pick a location that is outside of your network. Find a new city where you believe your product can pop off and target your ads to your particular demo. Open your eyes y’all there is a big world out there. The United States is the cultural capital of the world, many countries try to emulate our style and want access to our clothing so why not market your products directly to them and give the markets what you want. Facebook and Instagram have over a billion users, 1 in 7 people in the world uses a Facebook product. The world is your playground. Pick a city, a country, and make it your playground.

I hope this is helpful, you know where to find me as always…. @CJoeBlack everywhere on the web.

Merry Christmas Family!

And once again as always,

Keep Stackin' That Paper Y'all,


Disclaimer: Please use your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. Past performance does not guarantee future results.